Young Leadership through Bromley Crusaders

20th Jun 2023

As part of the Growing Faith Foundation Strategic Leaders programme, we recently had to map out our leadership origin story, answering the question, ‘who or what were the 2 or 3 most significant things that encouraged you in leadership’. 

For me, I was given leadership opportunities from a young age: a ‘sixer’ at Brownies and a patrol leader at Guides. However, I was discipled and given opportunities to lead others for Christ’s purposes at a weekly Crusader (later Urban Saints) group in Bromley between the ages of 7–18.

It was a source of great Christian friends and as I progressed through Juniors to Inters to Seniors during the 1980’s, I was encouraged to help lead sessions. My mountain top moments were the Summer and New Year camps, where I would enthusiastically recommit my life to Jesus, and eventually become a leader during my student holidays. It was my first significant moment of spiritual formation and leadership. 

Thank you to Margaret Young, Hilary Creed, Jonathan Masters and Penny Barrett, who so faithfully led the local group, some of whom will be with the Lord now.

Aike Kennett-Brown

BRF Messy Church Ministry Lead