With Christ

15th Jun 2023

Urban Saints is built on a strong foundation of faithful leaders and supporters who grew up in Crusaders and remained actively involved in the movement. We have always paid tribute to those that have gone to be with Christ in our Associate News publication and Link US magazine.


Prof. Adrian C Todd

Adrian was born in Leicester in 1944 and was taken to the Leicester West Crusader class while in primary school by his elder brother John. The class was led by Douglas Berry and over the years Adrian took along a number of his friends to the class. He gave his life to Christ in January 1957 at a Crusader camp rally in Westminster Central Hall in London.  Having attended several summer camps at Polzeath, in his teenage years he became a leader at camps.


Adrian married Valerie in 1966 having already introduced her to camp at Westbrook where she was a cook and he was 'subbie'. At that time he had just started his PhD in Chemical Engineering at Loughborough University. They moved from Leicestershire to Cheshire in 1969 when Adrian started work for Shell Chemicals at Carrington. They became leaders in the Woodford boys' and Bramhall girls' Crusader classes. 


They moved to Edinburgh in 1972 with their 1 year old daughter Becky. Adrian had a job as a lecturer in Chemical Engineering at Heriot Watt University and subsequently was involved in starting the Petroleum Engineering department. Becky went to Morningside Girls' Crusader class from 1978 to 1982 then when the leader left for missionary work in the Philippines, she and a few of the other girls joined with Morningside Boys' class for several years! Becky subsequently moved to Glasgow and married Donald who had been a member of Jordanhill boys' class.


Adrian died in July 2022.


The Crusader song 'The Lord has need of me' was sung by Becky at the thanksgiving service for his life.


Adrian had continued supporting and praying for the organisation over the years, being very thankful for the key part Crusaders had played in his faith.