Volunteer Focus: Karen Fowler

13th Jun 2023

We wanted to highlight the fantastic contribution that Karen makes for her local group, Ripon Grammar Urban Saints.

Karen creatively adds so much to her group even though she doesn't physically attend her group! Instead, her contribution is that she prepares, prays, and prophetically equip the leaders and young people with what they need for running over Thursday lunch times. Karen's choice to do this is because her children attend the school and wants to give them space to be part of the group for themselves.
Karen contributes to the sessions ran weekly in school by making creative resources. "I do get info and inspiration from the web, you’ll see I pull some pics and bits in from various places, mapping ideas and asking God how we should use them and how we put an Urban Saints spin on them. It always starts with scripture and flows from there!! There are some that I’ve done from scratch".
Have you considered who could be part of your team, creatively or practically, without being at the group physically? The Ripon Grammar Team have a what's app that is weekly brimming with ideas and action plans for them termly ideas and sessions for school settings. Perhaps you could set up one with your own group!