The 2023 Camps Calendar - available now

Introducing our 2023 Camps Calendar

7th Nov 2022

We're please to announce the launch of our new 2023 Camps Calendar - celebrating all that this year's Urban Saints Camps offered to children and young people taking part. We've produced this calendar to raise awareness for our Camps bursary fund, with a view to replenishing it ahead of the 2023 Camps programme.

We're fully committed to offering a wide range of exciting and accessible Camps across the UK and Ireland. We are eager to see these Camps welcome children and young people from all backgrounds too.

We're aware that affording Camps can be a challenge and we don't ever want to exclude a child or young person - especially because of finances. Funding for children and young people to get to life-changing Camps is available via Urban Saints and thanks to the generosity of our donors. People just like you who are willing to help provide for those who might otherwise not be able to afford the experience.

These donations have enabled over 100 young people access Camps in 2022 alone, during a year where the cost of living increases have put some families under extreme pressure. This is a three-fold increase on past years and highlights just how important this fund is.

Thank you to all of you who gave towards the bursary fund in 2022, for making it possible for these young people to experience God's love and grace first hand.

The 2023 Camps Calendar is A4 size, with a page per month, and is packed with pictures from Urban Saints Camps. All profits from the sale of these calendars will go to the Urban Saints bursary fund.

If you would prefer to give a donation directly to the bursary fund, we'd be delighted to receive any gifts to replenish the fund for 2023.

Find out more about the Camps bursary fund


Planning ahead for 2023?

The full programme for Urban Saints 2023 Camps will be available in early January but we have a list of confirmed dates for next year already - plus you can register for updates as and when they become available:

2023 Camps dates