"Urban Saints feels like family to me"

31st Jul 2022

Some of our supporters have grown up through Crusaders / Urban Saints whereas others find us later in life, maybe as a leader or a parent. Karen Hoar’s church used Energize when she helped with the children’s group in her local church and, in March 2019, she joined the Urban Saints paid Team as Finance Controller. She is passionate about the ministry of Urban Saints and explains why she feels it is so important for her to make a personal regular monthly donation back into Urban Saints to invest in young lives.

“Coming from an unchurched background, I had so many questions as a teenager about life. I read my Gideons Bible alone in my bedroom. God was always with me, but I had no guidance on growing my faith. I support Urban Saints because I would have benefited so much from having a safe place to ask questions and Christian adults to talk to when I was growing up.

I want to be involved in whatever way I can so I volunteer as a Camps Leader and treasurer for Westbrook Adventure and Challenge. I am always surprised that by blessing others, I am also blessed.

I’m really passionate about what Urban Saints does so I donate a monthly amount through direct debit to support the ministry. There are so many different people in the paid Team who play a part in enabling Groups and Camps to happen so it doesn’t feel like I’m giving back to my own salary! It feels like I’m one of the Team in enabling Leaders to be there for children and young people.

Back in March this year, I got involved in Our Big Journey. A small group of
us did an eight mile prayer walk and then I returned home and put my feet up, contemplating whether I should go and support other Team members who were walking from London to Luton. My husband reminded me that I had said earlier that I really didn’t want to miss out so I put my trainers back on and met the others just outside St Albans, walking with head torches in the dark to Luton. Working for Urban Saints is more than a place to work - it feels like family to me.

I would encourage you, if you are able, to give even just a small amount regularly. It would be going towards growing this ministry throughout the nations, bringing young people closer to knowing Him through safe places in Groups and Camps. There is no greater time for young people to know the Good News. My prayer is that all young people will come to know the incredible goodness and grace of God.”

Karen Hoar, Finance Controller

Would you consider setting up a regular donation, or supporting our current appeal for providing space for children and young people to explore faith?



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