Hannah taking part in an activity at Urban Saints Westbrook Centre

Growing up at Westbrook

24th Jul 2022

Urban Saints Westbrook is our very own residential centre on the Isle of Wight, available for hire by youth groups, schools and churches. For Hannah Macklin, age 17, her annual trip to Westbrook is a significant part of her faith journey.

“I have been going to Westbrook since I was a baby. This is because my parents have been Camps Leaders at Westbrook since before my sister and I were born! Westbrook has played a tremendous role in my walk with Christ and in understanding what He sacrificed for me.

The number of memories I have from Westbrook are endless. A favourite one is the activity ‘Hunt the Leader’ in the town of Ryde, especially the year one
of the Leaders dressed up as Batman and ran through the town ready to save the day! Many of my memories include worshipping Jesus alongside friends that I met many years ago and have kept in contact with to this day, as well as the amazing teaching. The Leaders are very good speakers, and they always relate the Bible to struggles that young people may have, and they always listen and answer (as best as they can) any questions anyone has.

There are some songs which I associate with Westbrook, such as “Man of Sorrows” by Hillsong. I can remember being a Leader’s child of about 7 or 8 and standing on a chair, as I was too small to see otherwise, excited to be alongside the “big kids” in the evening meeting, singing this song and feeling a real sense of peace from God.

I go to church and youth group in my hometown which I love but there is something very special about Westbrook as you are in a completely different
place surrounded by new friends and youth leaders. When you’re maybe one of the only Christians in your class at school, you can feel alone but going to
Westbrook is amazing as you see other young people with the same beliefs and questions that you yourself might have. You feel so encouraged and I honestly leave the Camp every year with this renewed passion and desire to share with people what I’ve learnt about what God has done for me.

Unfortunately, 2021 was my last year as a camper, but this summer I will be returning as Service Crew. This means that I will be serving in mainly practical ways, such as setting up activities as well as serving food. I am incredibly excited to return to Westbrook this year. I’m looking forward to seeing old friends, meeting new people, and seeing how God will work in their lives as well as my own.”

Hannah Macklin, 17

You can book Urban Saints Westbrook for your own church or group residential:

Urban Saints Westbrook


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