Thanksgiving service for 100 years of Mill Hill Crusaders and Urban Saints

One hundred years of Mill Hill

6th Jun 2022

Last month we celebrated the 100th birthday of Mill Hill Crusaders. What a legacy to see so many people who had their lives altered by the faithful ministry over the years.

There were both past and present members of the Mill Hill Group gathered together at St Paul's Church in early May. The event was organised by David Neal who has been a member of the Group here since the 1950's. It began with presentations and a meal and concluded with a thanksgiving service in the main church building. The service was led by the curate of St Paul's and featured prayers shared by a wide variety of the congregation and (former) members of the Group.

It was great to see Sam Daniel, our North London Impact Team Leader, standing on the shoulders of the giants of the faith, who have gone before him in that area. He is continuing to sow seeds in North London that we know will bear fruit.

Wouldn’t it be great if fifty years from now, a hundred years from now, we are celebrating the legacy of groups that were planted in the post-pandemic world?


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