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23rd Dec 2021

I love this quote from the Crusaders Annual Report in 1957:

‘Life as a Crusader is all too short – ten years at the most, and more often five, in length. As the years go by, an ever-increasing number recall with gratitude the lessons that they learned in their classes, for fifteen hundred of them are now linked with the Union as Associate members. The support they give, both prayerful and financial, means much to the work.’’

Many of our supporters are indeed people who grew up in Crusaders (or Urban Saints), found faith in Jesus through a Class/Group or Camp/holiday/houseparty, and have then supported the organisation for the rest of their lives. It’s always a joy to us to hear from them as well as young people today who have had a similar experience more recently, and then ‘give back’ to the ministry by financially supporting when they start their first job.

Many of our supporters now, just as in days gone by, are people completely passionate about the ministry. They may serve as a Group or Camps Leader, help out with giving lifts, buying tuck, cooking at Camp or other practical jobs, but they also appreciate the value of supporting both locally and nationally through prayer and finance.

Other supporters chose to serve practically outside of Urban Saints, dependent on the season of their lives, but still remember Urban Saints regularly in their prayers and giving.

Whoever you are, whichever way you serve, and in however many different ways you serve - thank you! We are so grateful!

Jo Slater
Supporter Relations Co-ordinator

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