A young lad sitting and reading the Bible - the front cover image from the latest edition of Pray For Change

Daily prayer diary available

4th Jan 2022

Did you know we publish ‘Pray For Change’, a daily prayer diary which comes out four times a year with up-to-date requests and news? Each edition covers a variety of topics - different staff members highlighting prayer needs from across the nations and regions and the Support Centre. Each edition also includes a week of prayers written by a young person. Sarah, age 20, recently contributed some prayers:

These are always particularly valued by prayer supporters:

We give the names of a few Urban Saints Groups to pray for each week and we also include a prayer focus – an article which highlights different aspects about prayer.   Here is an extract from the October to December 2021 edition, written by Serena McCarthy, Energize Editor, sharing a discussion with her youth group about why they find prayer difficult:

“In my nearly twenty-five years of youth ministry, I have discovered that the easiest way to get a group of young people to stop talking is to ask them to pray… We talked about specific concerns they had, and then I encouraged the young people to think about one thing they would want to change about these issues. I asked them to write two or three sentences that expressed the feelings that they had most strongly toward these issues. As a group we shared our sentences with each other. One of the teenagers at this point commented, ‘Is this what you do when you pray?’ YES!”

Would you like to join us in Praying For Change in the lives of the children and  young people of this land? “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” (James 5:16). We would love to encourage you to join us in praying for young people in this way. You can sign up to receive the prayer diary at www.urbansaints.org/contact or contact us at the Urban Saints Support Centre if you are not on the internet.

Save the date: Our next 24/2 prayer event will be held from Friday 25th March to Sunday 27th March 2022.

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