Mark Instone - new member of the Urban Saints Board of Trustees

Meet Mark Instone

2nd Jan 2022

At our 2021 AGM some new Trustees were appointed to the Board and we asked them to share a little bit about their story and their involvement in Urban Saints. So, please meet Mark Instone...

I have been involved with Crusaders/Urban Saints for over 50 years, receiving my 50 week Bible in 1974, first understanding what it means to be a follower of Jesus on a holiday at Combruith in Scotland in the early 80s. Since then I have been involved as a volunteer and employee, serving on Area Committee and Council, joining the staff team as Regional Director for the North West of England from 2006 to 2017. I continue to be involved as a Group Leader, apparently for over 25 years now, in Lymm, and am involved in Spree activities in the North West. I am married to Deb with three beautiful girls and looking forward to two weddings next year!

I am so thankful for all those Group Leaders who faithfully served in my youth and I consider it a privilege to walk alongside young people today, encouraging them to enjoy and experience the fullness of a life following Jesus. I have been wonderfully blessed to have many times of joy working with young people from standing around a campfire in Mexico hearing them share what God has been doing with them to watching on as a tent full of young people engage with Father God at Spree. Such highlights are a real blessing; however much of the leg work is done week by week as teams work with young people challenging, supporting, praying, playing, teaching and meeting them where they are.

I absolutely love that the heart of Crusaders before, and Urban Saints now, is to see young people discipled in their faith, encountering God and being supported in their transformative journey.

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