Becca Ambrose and Danielle Walton

Scotland Updates

15th Oct 2021

Groups are back!

Groups are returning to face-to-face meetings - some who have kept in touch during lockdown, and others that have not met for 18 months. 

                               Becca Ambrose with Danielle Walton

Danielle, Main Leader from Edinburgh said, 
"Zoom was really great for the season of Covid, not being able to be in person, but I think something we've learnt now we're back together is how special it is. It is such a blessing to be with one another in person again and have that community back together."

When we started back we gave the young people the chance to ask big questions about faith and life. We are looking at them one at a time each week. This week we had a conversation about "who am I?". We used foam packing peanuts to create our own "characters", and talked about how God made us with even more care than we took over these!




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