Groups emerging from lockdown

22nd Oct 2021

We have seen many of our Urban Saints Groups restarting this Autumn, with some starting from an extended break and others making the transition from online sessions to meeting onsite again.

In just one regional prayer update, we heard from three separate Groups who were experiencing God doing new and different things. One Group had made a successful return to meeting in the school building after managing to gather online throughout the various lockdowns. Another Group have relaunched in a new venue in the heart of their town and we also received this really encouraging account of God at work at a Group in Devon:


"We wondered whether any would return so imagine how we felt when 30 young people appeared!"

"Here at Torrington, we have been a bit overwhelmed by the return of so many children to both groups at the start of this school year. 

We had wondered whether any of our teens would return so imagine how we felt when 30 youngsters appeared two weeks ago. Some had been in primary school last time we saw them and are now in Year 8! We had a very special time that evening.

The younger group has a waiting list at the moment as we didn't want numbers to be too high after Covid. We are inviting about 10 from that list to join us in the coming week so we'll have around 50 at that group. A couple of weeks ago we were praying about having more teenagers to help. Within three days, 4 young people asked if they could come and help as part of their D of E community service. God is good. Please pray that the Lord will continue to bless over the coming weeks as we look at the characters of the disciples. We praise the Lord for a great group of faithful helpers who have been with us for several years now."

We continue to hear stories of Urban Saints Groups returning to meeting onsite again and we'll share more of these over the coming weeks. If you are part of an Urban Saints Group that has restarted or changed format this term, we'd love to hear how it is going and share your story with everyone - do get in touch if so.

Another great way to keep up-to-date with what's happening in the Urban Saints Groups near you is to join one of our Regional and National prayer networks. You can stand with our Leaders and Helpers around the UK and Ireland in prayer and get extra insights and updates to help focus your intercession.

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