Growing the team in North London

1st Sep 2021

We're pleased to announce that the Urban Saints Impact Team is growing, with Sam Daniel starting this month as the Impact Team Leader in North London. Sam's arrival is an investment both into greater support for Urban Saints Groups in this part of the capital but also another connection to the roots of the movement which was birthed in a North London park in the early 1900s.

  Sam has a heart for the nations, to see the young and old set free, changed, discipled, and become lovers of Jesus, having been involved in various youth projects across Essex/Herts over the years. Sam is a musician and producer, so loves recording music in his spare time and helping to lead the church worship team. He also loves playing and watching football. He will begin this new role on 6th September.

It's always exciting to welcome a new member of the team, especially when their role is to help support and develop Urban Saints Groups in local communities. However, Sam's arrival is particularly encouraging because he will join the mission back where it all began in the very communities that Urban Saints started. As we head into a new season, full of possibility and uncertainty, it is good to know that the mission continues in the same location our founder - Reverend Albert Kestin - first started. After meeting a group of lads in a North London park, Kestin went on to begin the very first Urban Saints Group (then Crusaders) to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with them. From this first meeting, the Crusaders Union grew as like-minded individuals came together to make young disciples for Jesus, across North London and soon further afield too.

Click here for more on the history of Urban Saints

Please pray for Sam as he continues the mission in North London as well as for our whole team of Impact Team Leaders across the UK and Ireland as they seek to do the same. Please also join us in prayer for those parts of the nations without an Impact Team Leader - that we can continue to support and develop Groups in those areas too.


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