Summer Resources

6th Jul 2021

Ah, the summer holidays!  Ice creams and sunscreen.  Schools out and the autumn seems a very long way away.

In 'normal' years the summer holidays present opportunities and challenges in equal measure. For many families, it's a time for holidays and spending quality time together. But for those who are in a position to go away, that's usually one or two weeks at the most. What about the rest of the summer? And what about those families who would like to go away but can't due to their personal circumstances or the restrictions caused by the pandemic? What can they do to help their children have a memorable summer?

For group leaders, the summer holidays can be an opportunity for a well-earned break or to do something different.  But with many groups having suffered an enforced break in some form or other during the pandemic, there is also the challenge of staying in touch or reconnecting with children and their families.

These two resources aim to make some of the challenges of the summer a bit easier:

'What shall we do today?' is intended to give/send to families and is full of ideas of things they can do during the summer holidays.


‘Activities with families this summer’ is intended for group leaders to help them plan activities for gatherings of families together in a way which is safe during the pandemic.


You are welcome to use and distribute these in any way including online.

You may also be interested in these summery delights - virtual camps programmes and activities produced in 2020:-



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