Energize: Feedback is a gift

14th Jul 2021

We love to receive feedback about the resources that we produce to help leaders disciple children and young people. We want to provide our Energize subscribers with the best possible resources, and understanding their needs - what’s working and what isn’t – is a vital part of serving their ministries.

Recently we had the opportunity to follow up on some encouraging feedback we received from Chloe Pollington, Youth Minister at St Peter’s Church, Farnborough.

Chloe thinks that Energize is great.

“It’s so good to have loads of different sessions in the same place without having to scroll through the internet for hours to find sessions on what you want to talk about. The games and activities are really good. It’s very creative and allows you to think outside the box and not run a boring session that is the same every week.”

Chloe likes the Leaders’ Notes but suggested that we might do more to “encourage leaders prepping to spend more time with God first.” She thought that slightly shorter series would help young people engage more and was keen to see more series which helped young people explore individual books of the Bible. This feedback is a gift because it helps us prioritise and plan and we have already started to think about how we can apply some of Chloe’s suggestions.
We also asked Chloe to share how Energize had helped her and her team during the pandemic.

“When everything has been changing so quickly and decisions are being made about how the youth group will run the next day, it’s been great to be able to log on to Energize and pull off material ready to go with a moment’s notice.”

“We’ve loved doing the ‘Act Justly’ series. It helped our young people to engage in their faith and in what that means to get involved in social justice. This year, many of them have found it hard to connect with God and connect with their faith. This series brought their faith to life and gave them something to get involved in even from their own homes! Off the back of what they had learned they did sponsored trampoline jumps, baking for their neighbours and a sponsored keepy- uppy competition and raised £587 for Tearfund!”

Feedback is a gift. Hearing the impact that our resources are having on the faith of young people and their engagement with justice issues is gold.

Peter Andrews - Resources Manager