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Celebrating Volunteers' Week

26th May 2021

The annual national Volunteers' Week runs from Tuesday 1st to Monday 7th June.

Urban Saints is a movement of volunteers making a difference in the lives of children and young people, far and wide and in every imaginable setting. We are nothing without people like you who give their time and energy to run Groups, help on Camps and Overseas Adventures as well as playing their part in the day-to-day running of the movement. This pandemic has been especially challenging for our volunteers, with most having to dig even deeper to continue serving in this way. Many have had to cope with last minute changes of plan and been required to re-learn what is required in their roles.

If you are already one of these volunteers, we are so grateful to you and so encouraged by what you bring to the mission. If you are not yet a volunteer, we are always on the look out for more people to play their part. We believe you can make a difference so do consider if you are being called to get involved.

Find out more about volunteering with Urban Saints

We're going to be marking Volunteers' Week (starting 1st June) by highlighting some examples of the great work done by volunteers and sharing their reasons behind why they choose to volunteer with Urban Saints. If you know one of our volunteers and you want to encourage and acknowledge them publicly, why not get in touch and we can help tell their story and share it with the rest of the Urban Saints' movement.

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Here are some other ways you can celebrate Volunteers' Week with Urban Saints:

What else can you think of that would show our movement of volunteers that you really appreciate who they are and what they do?

Keep a look out for more on Volunteers' Week between 1st and 7th June!