In March things change

1st Mar 2021

If ever there was a moment for us to get together to pray, it's now. Next month, the mission field we operate in will start to change again. The latest Covid-19 restrictions will begin to be lifted and it coincides with our latest 48 hours of prayer. God's timing is wonderful but the last part of March has always been a significant period for Crusaders and Urban Saints. For us, things often seem to change in March. So this March we are calling for you to join us in prayer.

From Thursday 25th to Saturday 27th March, we will be running a 24/2 prayer event. The final hour of this event will be a prayer gathering, providing the opportunity all those who are passionate about the work of Urban Saints to come together to pray. Prayer is always important, and we know that prayer changes things, but what is so poignant about these prayer events this time of prayer at this particular point in 2021?

If we look back 115 years, on 29th March 1906, the initial eleven Crusader Classes inspired by Albert Kestin met together for the first time, and at this meeting The Crusaders' Union was born. What a great opportunity for us to thank God for the many lives impacted for good across the years. 

Jump forward 114 years from the start of The Crusaders’ Union, to 23rd March 2020, and the first Covid-19 lockdown started. A whole-life impacting global pandemic; an event which has changed the lives of every young person and child across all four nations of the United Kingdom. Many young people have never been so isolated. Loss, anxiety and loneliness has become an every day part of life for many. The last year has made us even more aware of how much young people need to know that there is hope and life beyond what they have been experiencing. Young people continue to need our prayers, now more than ever.

Despite the pandemic, and its ongoing impact, we continue in that same mission - providing safe spaces where young people belong, are looked after and have opportunities to explore the Christian faith. Young people have been loved, discipled and launched as throughout the preceding 115 years. Urban Saints volunteer leaders are brilliant because of them, over the last year many young people have still been able to access groups and camps in a virtual capacity. Some groups, when restrictions allowed, have even had the opportunity to meet in person (using social distancing of course!) Let's take some time to acknowledge the commitment and passion of our leaders.

Will you join us in prayer this March to see things change for children and young people across the UK and Ireland?

You can sign up for as much as you like of our 24/2 prayer event:-

Please visit our event page to find out more and sign up to be part of the 24/2 prayer event:

24/2 prayer event - March 2021


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