Reclaim the ground

24th Feb 2021

Our Leaders are obviously vital but so are those who cover the work in prayer. Our Regional Prayer Co-ordinators are hugely valued as they draw together those in their Region to pray. Paul Wykes now covers Bristol, Bath and Dorset although his journey has taken him on a number of different roads.

“Second only to family life and school, I think it’s fair to say that life in Crusaders took up more of my childhood and teen years than anything else. One of my earliest memories was going with West Bridgford Crusaders to the grand opening of Cae Canol in Snowdonia by a man in a brand new Jenson - Cliff Richard. As a teenager, our Loughborough class was led by Jack Ewan who seemed to give his whole life, house and very large car to us boys, ferrying us around the country for football, rugby, athletics, swimming and cross country competitions.

“I attended a vast array of different Crusader holidays but whatever we chose was such fun with full-on activities, loads of grub, brilliant leaders, and evening meetings which were so alive and relevant to us boys that they used to give us a spiritual shot in the arm that would fire us up for months.

“It was when in my 20s I started leading groups and holidays myself that I realised what an incredible organisation this was that I had been a part of, and the amount of hardwork and dedication that was put into the nationwide organisation by so many dedicated, servant-hearted men and women.

“All my working life I have been in the construction industry, which has taken me all over the world. I continued serving Urban Saints on trips with John Fudge and Global ministries to Africa and Mexico, as well as helping lead holidays with my wife Julie (including back at Westbrook, which was just as brilliant as it was when I was 9!) The last 15 years were spent in Qatar, where we led the youth group at the Doha Fellowship church and were able to do so with ease down to the superb material provided by Energize. We had over 100 leaders and helpers, who guided and encouraged kids in the faith from over 63 countries.

“Currently living in Bath, I am learning to wait and listen during these confusing and frustrating Covid days which is difficult as I am a goal-orientated man of action. I recently answered the call for a Regional Prayer Coordinator in the South West. I am excited to be able to correspond with so many local people who love the Lord, and have a heart for young people in the area who are not currently walking through life with Jesus. I may not be leading a charge through the woods in a Westbrook wide game, but I am assured that in this role I am playing a part in a move of God to take ground back in this country for the sake of His Kingdom.”

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