Camps 2021: Adventure with Us

19th Jan 2021

Adventures are exciting; anything can happen (on an adventure) which is why all great adventurers prepare for multiple eventualities.

2021 promises to be another new adventure for all of us. In the midst of much uncertainty, we wanted to share our current thinking on Camps 2021. We recognise that we are not planning Camps in normal circumstances. Instead, this year we are going on an adventure; preparing to be ready for (almost!) any eventuality.

Urban Saints remains committed to running Camps - whether that’s in person, online or a cunning combination of both! We are also completely committed to following Government guidance and will only run activities face to face where it is permitted and safe to do so.

Will you adventure with US? We’d love to invite you to pack your rucksack and journey with us!  

To get us started on the journey, we’ve made some changes for this year. Paper brochures are out - we’ve developed a dynamic on-line brochure. This means you can see exactly what is happening throughout 2021. Click on the button below to take a look now!

Camps 2021: Online Brochure


Whilst we are planning to run face to face Camps where it’s possible, we recognise that plans may need to change. We’re prepared for that; our online brochure will always be kept right up to date. 

You may have questions about what happens if Covid-19 means plans need to change. We have developed some FAQs (that will be updated throughout 2021) to help answer your questions. Or if you prefer, please do get in touch directly. We will also be implementing new policies, processes and practices to make sure anything we run is as safe and compliant with the latest government requirements. 

What about Sprees?

We recognise that running Spree’s in June/July is likely to present challenges. We are working with our partners to explore options and opportunities. Urban Saints remains committed to providing opportunities for Group’s to spend extended amounts of time together and we will provide a further update by the end of the February half term break. 

Accessible to All

Adventurers have to make decisions (like what colour hat to wear for the summit photo!). Urban Saints runs a wide range of Camps and making your decision on which Camp to attend is really important. At Urban Saints we are passionate about making our Camps accessible for all children, young people and leaders – both practically and financially. Click here  to find out more about how we can support young people wanting to head away to camp.  

Ready to go exploring?

Click here and get browsing. Some Camps are open for bookings now and others have a handy ‘register for updates’ button which means you’ll be notified just as soon as bookings do open or any big announcements are made!  And remember, we are on this adventure together so please do get in touch if we can help you in any way.

God Bless 

Lou Bailey
Impact Team Leader - Camps