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Thousands reenergised

8th Jan 2021

“I was overwhelmed but now I feel more confident” - Energize subscriber

The last few years have seen some major updates to our Energize website. Whilst we have responded to the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic by creating new resources for online and socially distanced meetings, the Energize team has also been working behind the scenes on a project to update all our existing content. With over 2,000 sessions comprising some 29,000 individual activities, this is a mammoth undertaking but our Energize team, along with our team of external writers, are making great progress.

Alongside updating technological and cultural references (CDs are so last century!), we are increasing the amount of video and visual content to help leaders engage with young people with different learning styles. We are also including more opportunities for young people to discuss what they are learning and, importantly, more opportunities for them to hear from God and respond to what He might be saying to them.

Additionally, we are enhancing the ‘Take Away’ items so that, across the age ranges, young people have some follow-up material which will allow them to explore more about the session at home and, vitally, apply what they have learned in their everyday life.

One of our major recent enhancements to Energize was the option for leaders to create a session that is tailored to their group needs with ‘one-click.’ This allows them to optimise a session by the time available, size of the group, faith level of their young people and even the size of the room they will be meeting in.

To help leaders make the most of their Energize subscriptions and introduce our resources to potential users we have started a series of online ‘Re:Energize’ seminars. The response to these has been very positive with one existing user saying, “I was overwhelmed but now I feel more confident” and another who is new to Energize saying, “I found it really inspiring and uplifting and I’m excited to begin using the resources.”

Energize started long before Covid-19 and the work the team is doing now to refresh and update the content will ensure that, as we continue the long walk in the same direction and emerge from this crisis, leaders will continue to have access to relevant resources which will reenergise their children and youth work and help them make young disciples for Jesus.

Peter Andrews
Resources Manager

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