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Christmas resources for Groups

26th Nov 2020

The festive period is going to be very different this year, with tougher restrictions and limitations in the run up to Christmas. However, there's no limit to the range of creative and adaptable resources, ideas and inspiration available from Urban Saints and the many other youth and children's work organisations.

If you are an Energize subscriber, you'll have seen the round up of resources available on the Energize website but that's not all that Urban Saints have got lined up for you this Christmas.



We've updated our page of the very best sessions on Advent, Christmas and Epiphany - including a brand new article highlighting 7 ways to make Christmas 2020 memorable.

Advent, Christmas and Epiphany

We're also continuing to offer our new Pick n Mix resources, which can be used either online, face-to-face while socially distancing or as a combination of both. The popular Energize At Home and Kids Club By Post series will also continue up to and beyond Christmas.

You can try all these resources and thousands more sessions besides, by logging in to your Energize account or by taking out an Energize 30-day free trial:

Find out more on Energize


Elsewhere, from Urban Saints

Discover even more great ideas and inspiration for a festive and thought-provoking Christmas season by following our social media channels. Connect with our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Tiktok accounts for daily doses of inspirational reflections, videos, memes, images and activity suggestions - including a very special Christmas Day message too. These resources aimed at young people and their families who are not engaging with Church at all, so are perfectly suited to trigger discussions in your outreach groups or to share with friends and family members who don't yet know Jesus.






The best of the rest

Earlier this month, we co-hosted a Boost online training seminar called 'A Christmas Like No Other'. Boost is a partnership of a whole bunch of creative and mission-focused organisations and has been running conferences and seminars for several years now. In 2020, these seminars have moved online and the most recent example, took time to explore the range of ideas and resources available to make Christmas special despite the restrictions faced in youth and children's ministry.

"This morning's Boost was excellent! It was organised in a pacey way which meant that lots of ground could be covered. Fantastic ideas and resources! So encouraging. It left me feeling really excited about what we CAN do even in these challenging times... so thank you to all."

After November's Boost seminar, a round-up of the very best resources from all participating organisations (including Urban Saints) was produced and you can view that round-up here:

A Christmas Like No Other - resources round-up

Boost will continue in 2021 with their next online seminar taking place on Thursday 14th January. 'New Beginnings' will help youth leaders and volunteers look ahead to the year to come. It will unpack the recent Children's Society 'Good Childhood' report's findings about decreasing happiness levels in children and young people and what we can do to turn things around.

To find out more and book your space at Boost, visit the Boost website today:

Boost - online seminars