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24/2 Prayer

12th Oct 2020

Being an 'Urban Saint' means prayer is essential and we seek to pray together regularly asking God to bless our Groups, volunteers and young people as well as the ministries of other youth organisations around the UK. We are passionate about inviting God into everything we do and we don’t want to achieve anything without God getting the glory. We can reach a generation of young people, thanks to your prayers, so please join in.

24-2 is a key part of this commitment to pray. We set time aside to pray continually for 48 hours - taking it in turns to lift up the needs of the movement to God in act of faith and unity.

Anyone can join in with this and we encourage you to take part - wherever you are based and however you are connected to Urban Saints. 

24/2 Prayer
Thursday 29th October, 10am - Saturday 31st October, 10am

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Thank you to everyone who has prayed with and for Urban Saints and to all those who continue to do so. It is only with strong prayer support and the Bible as our core guide that we can succeed in raising up a generation of young disciples.

Find out more about how else you can regularly support Urban Saints through prayer:

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