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Update: Group gatherings in England

11th Sep 2020

We are aware that there has been some uncertainty about the recent updates to Government guidelines around group gatherings. The guidelines state that people in England will no longer be permitted to gather socially in groups of more than 6 from Monday 14th September. This refers to gatherings both indoors and outdoors. There are a number of exemptions to this; one of which is within the essential youth sector.

Following consultation with the National Youth Agency (NYA), we are able to confirm that faith-based and voluntary groups are included in the Government youth sector exemption list for England. As such, Urban Saints’ Groups remain unaffected by any of the guidance amendments commencing on the 14th September. However, this exemption only applies when delivering frontline ministry (i.e. when young people are present) and does not cover team or prayer meetings without young people. Groups not affiliated to Urban Saints will also be included in this exemption but please check with your own governing body, church network or denomination for further information.

In addition, we can confirm that youth sector bubbles of 15 are based on the number of young people. This does not include staff or leaders. In light of this clarification, in England Urban Saints will allow Groups of up to 15 young people plus Leaders to meet indoors or outdoors, after completion of a detailed risk assessment.

Please note that where local lockdown applies, there may be further restrictions still in place. Please visit the Urban Saints Leaders' Area for full details.

Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland

There have also been updates to the Urban Saints guidance for the other home nations. Please visit the Urban Saints Leaders' Area to view the latest guidance for your nation.


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