Girl wearing a red hoodie taking a photograph in South Africa

Overseas Adventures in 2021

3rd Sep 2020

We wanted to share an update on our plans for Overseas Adventures going forward. The global situation with COVID-19 means it is still unclear at this stage if trips will even be possible in 2021. Given the circumstances, we have decided that Urban Saints will not run any Overseas Adventures in 2021. This has been a tough decision to take but we are confident that it is right to pause now and continue with trips in 2022.

We still firmly believe in the value of Overseas Adventures – the discipleship opportunity they are for young people, the justice challenge they offer and of course the experience of adventure. We look forward to groups of young people being able to safely travel overseas once again.

We know that it can often take as long as 18 months to build up to bringing a group on an Overseas Adventure, so if you are thinking ahead to 2022 already, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us on and we'll keep you posted as the picture develops.