Camps, virtually

23rd Jul 2020

If we had to guess which of our volunteer teams would be most likely to come up with something wildly creative to fill the gap over the summer holidays, our Camps teams would be very high on the list! 

We’ve already seen what they can produce at relatively short notice for others to use in their groups (and if you’ve not seen the awesome Pick n Mix Supersize resource you really need to visit HERE now...) Now it is the turn of those same Camps teams to organise virtual Camps for the young people who would have been joining them in person this summer.

A quick glance across the summer programme shows the wide range of creative ways our teams are connecting with campers. Some have pre-recorded videos to share, others will be hosting live video calls at key points in their ‘camps’. Some teams are providing electronic resources to be used at home, while at least one team have arranged to drop physical resource packs off to the homes of young people registered for the camps.

It’s not just the method of connection that is so varied. When it comes to content, the creativity levels go off the scale! We’ve already been treated to our annual Talent Show fix live streamed over the internet courtesy of the Spree South West Team. There will be games, challenges, worship, teaching, prayer and the chance to experience the love of Christ.

Remember most of these teams are volunteers, sacrificially giving their summers to providing life-changing, unforgettable experiences for young people. No desire for a “year-off” in these tireless teams!

So, how can you get involved with and support these wonderful teams? 

1.) Most of the virtual Camps are being opened up to new as well as existing Campers - and there’s still time to get your children and young people registered. Check individual events listings for details HERE.

2.) Every year we ask you to pray for our Camps and their teams and although their programmes may look very different, that need remains. Many of our volunteers will be new to virtual experiences like this and the technology that goes with them. We also would ask that you pray for all those attending the Camps to experience genuine community and meet with the Lord Jesus through their time together. For more details on how and when you can pray, click HERE.

Don’t forget, you can still use Pick n Mix Supersize to organise your own virtual camps experience at home with your groups. It’s packed with great teaching, games, craft, music, prayer, quizzes and even classic Camps recipes to make together at home: