A youth groups session hosted via a video call

Zooming Marvellous

8th Jun 2020

Tired of "making do" with Zoom meetings and other online group times?

This video unpacks the experiences of one of our Urban Saints Groups during lockdown... Wilson Beare (Impact Team Leader - Ireland) spoke to Brian, who leads an Urban Saints Group in the South West, to find out how his team responded to the restrictions and the difference it has made to their Group:

This video was originally released via our Urban Saints Group Leaders Facebook group. Members of the Impact Team regularly share advice and guidance through this group as well as being available to answer questions and encourage one another. If you are a leader or volunteer in an Urban Saints Group, you can join the community here.

If you need ideas and inspiration for your next online youth group session, Energize is a good place to start:

7 ways to run a digital youth group


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