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21st May 2020

We are all trying to make the best of being in lockdown. It might be all you can do to just get by right now. We understand the challenges of balancing intense work patterns, child care arrangements and homeschooling, health fears and bereavement. Maintaining supportive communities for children and young people may be the last thing on your mind. But don't settle for simply making do during lockdown when you could still be making disciples. Here's a reminder of all the resources and support that you already have access to through your Energize subscription - and the great news is our team are working harder than ever to ensure you can continue to serve those in your groups...

Keep going where you can

You have access to the most powerful online resources in youth and children's work. Energize is flexible enough to meet your disciple-making needs throughout lockdown and social distancing. We've suggested 7 different ways you can benefit from it, including trying the 'Energize At Home' sessions:

If you haven't been able to master the art of running online group sessions, never fear! We've collected guidance for getting started and some ideas for what to do once you've made it online too: 

Partner with parents and carers

Whether you are able to meet on-line or not, there are plenty of ways to continue to support parents/carers and their kids through providing challenging and engaging activities to allow families to grow in their faith at home:

Try something new

We are all doing something new during lockdown so why not fully embrace the variety available on Energize. Find a new session you've never tried before. Use a movie or a Christian video clip to stimulate online discussion. Take a moment to brush up your leadership skills:

We're here to help 

If we can help you make use of Energize, remember you can contact us via:

Peter Andrews
Resources Manager, Urban Saints