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25th May 2020

It started as an idea to support children in isolated parts of rural Wales. The new ‘Kids Club by Post’ resource - a weekly Bible story-based pack for leaders of children’s groups to post/email to the children - has been spreading across the globe to help young people grapple with faith even during lockdown.

The idea for this began as I wrestled with how to maintain contact with the children in our own Group in Llandderfel. Our Group meets through the medium of Welsh and I quickly realised that there were very few suitable resources in Welsh which I could use in this season. I am now working with other Welsh-language children’s workers in North Wales to publish this pack each week (in Welsh) and then translating it into English for more widespread use. The pack includes story, colouring, puzzles, recipes, crafts, creative prayer, games, links to songs and videos etc. We have also set up a Group parents’ Facebook group where parents can post pictures of what they and their children are doing. It has been thrilling to have such continued engagement from all the families with children in our community.

We intended this for local use but God had bigger plans. Amazingly, distribution has spread week on week. It is now used by Urban Saints Groups, children’s clubs, Sunday schools, churches and schools, not only in Wales, but also in England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Turkey, Singapore and Argentina – from Wales to the world!

Feedback from group leaders, children and parents has been amazing. The materials are also downloadable from the Energize website every Monday.

Kids Club by Post is a brilliant resource, I give it to most of our Group but also to some of the families we give lunches to (the church are delivering free school meals during the lockdown). One of the families we deliver to who have never been to kids groups or church had the verses and things coloured in and stuck on their windows. Some parents have sent photos of the kids activities too. Thanks for putting it together and sending it out.

In concluding, we’ve had to react and adapt very quickly to the change that has hit us all. But we’re excited by the opportunities this season brings us to share the good news, make disciples and support others doing the same.

Andy Hughes

Senior Impact Team Leader – Celtic Nations


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