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Prayer Warriors For The Kingdom

9th May 2020

We're building a nationwide prayer network across Urban Saints and to do this effectively we are recruiting Regional Prayer Coordinators (RPCs). These RPCs will gather prayer warriors locally and keep them updated with the latest local prayer requests and answers to prayer. We asked two of our RPCs to tell us what their roles involve...

“It is good to be part of something that will continue to transform lives”

"It is encouraging to be an RPC; being in contact with local Groups, finding out about them and seeing what areas of their ministry need prayer. We also support our Impact Team Leader, Anna, and Support Worker, Lorna. Recently we decided to compile a set of Group profiles with brief introductions and some photos to help us get to know one another better and help build more of a sense of connection and community of Urban Saints across our region, which spreads over 130 miles from south Cheshire up to the Scottish Borders. This helped bring the names and places to life for us and our prayer supporters.

It is good to be part of something that will continue to transform lives and the region. Please pray for a greater sense of connectiveness as the region is geographically large."

Ian Howard and Carolyn McQuaker

If you would like to pray for local issues and for Urban Saints ministry, please update your preferences at

If you have been encouraged by reading of what the RPC’s are doing, please consider if this is something you could do, or if you know someone who could take on this role in the regions where we still have vacancies, and get in touch:


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