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“Volunteers had been praying long before I arrived!”

7th May 2020

An Impact Team Leader’s role is to find and work with volunteers within an area to reach and disciple young people for Jesus, mainly through new Groups. But it's more than that, it's being someone who listens to what God is saying and asking, "God, where are you up to something?" It is breaking through perceptions of who is a suitable volunteer as well as unifying different churches to stand in the gap with young people together.

God has been so good! As we were looking at where to start an outreach group in Manchester, I had the incredible privilege of stumbling across volunteers who’ve had a vision of doing youth work in Gorton long before I even arrived. They had been praying for the area, for young people and for how to go about it. And so, the connections continued, and God has brought together a team of volunteer leaders from several different churches all with a united vision.

We got to start with small beginnings, two young people from the neighbourhood that we had invited have been coming – but what a joy it’s been! No doubt we would love to see more young people come, however, it feels like God has been challenging us: “Would you do for the two what you’d do for the 20?” Part of youth work is continual learning, evaluation and adaptation and so we have been looking at what things we should tweak and how to broaden invitations, while God is still reminding us to keep pouring into the young people he has given us.

Yet now, we find ourselves in a new season – one where a face to face Group cannot meet, and one where we must find new ways of connecting with the young people, as well as knowing there are many frightened, anxious young people whose worlds have changed in an unrecognisable way.

The Impact Team at Urban Saints are looking for fresh and different ways of reaching out to all these young people.

As for my Group, the team and I are confident that beyond this period of social isolation, when face to face connection and community can be rebuilt, that our Group will provide a place for young people to explore all the impact this season will have on them.

Anna Krabbenhöft - Impact Team Leader North West

If you have a passion to reach out to local children and young people not in church, we’d love to help. We're not able to gather lots of like-minded people together right now but we'd love you to commit to pray for your community and suggest you get in touch with us via After the current lockdown has been lifted, we'd be delighted to connect you with others in your area who share your passion!

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