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Can you? CAN-I!

18th May 2020

Can you access online training to help you and your church to be more accessible, inclusive and welcoming for children and young people with additional needs and disabilities, and their families?

Can you find a range of training tools, including resources that you can watch, read and do either on your own with a cup of tea or with the rest of your team?

Well, soon your answer to these questions will be yes, you can! Or to be exact, yes, CAN-I! Urban Saints is partnering with education sector online training specialist Schudio (www.schudio.com) and collaborating with our friends at The Message Trust to create a suite of high quality online training resources called CAN-I (Churches Additional Needs Inclusion).

CAN-I starts with ‘Belonging’; what is our rationale for inclusion, what barriers can we identify that hinder or exclude young people, and how does our theology and prayer life speak into our inclusion policy?

We continue by ‘Growing’; how do we ensure that we teach, learn and develop spiritually together in an inclusive way? And how do children and young people with additional needs contribute towards this?

Finally, we think about ‘Thriving’, how do we see the whole church as one body, where everyone can serve and lead? How do we share what we’ve learned to help others?

CAN-I will have 12 modules to explore together, equipping and enabling churches to go beyond inclusion as a ‘tick box’ exercise and to create real belonging for all. We are busy building CAN-I at the moment and are planning to launch the first theme, ‘Belonging’, in the early autumn. Maybe you could start to prepare for CAN-I by thinking about how you could use this resource with your own group or church? Wherever you are at on this journey, there will be something in CAN-I for you!

Each of the 12 CAN-I modules will include a theological perspective, thinking about what the Bible teaches us about disability, as well as what we can learn from the many times that Jesus met and engaged with disabled people.

To find out more and register your interest in CAN-I so that we can keep in touch with you about progress, and maybe even include you in our pre-launch testing if you would be willing, please visit: www.thefillin.com/courses/becoming-an-inclusive-church or contact Mark Arnold (Additional Needs Ministry Director) at marnold@urbansaints.org