Crouch End Class in the early 1900's

Our 114th birthday

29th Mar 2020

On the 29th March 2020 we celebrate our 114th birthday!

“It was on 29th March 1906, almost six years to the day since those four boys arrived for the first time at 71 Crouch Hill, the Leaders of eleven Crusader Classes, with a total membership of some 600 boys, met together at Sion College… and Mr Bevington suggested that the time was now ripe for the formation of a central organisation together with a fund to meet the expenses.”

(Yesterday and Today, Jack Watford, p7).

What would they would think if they could see us today, still running the race and still looking to Jesus despite the trials we are facing? Amazed, a little proud, but probably devastated that the need is STILL so great and what young people are having to cope with these days.

Would you consider how you could support Urban Saints at this time? If you have been part of Crusaders but are not supporting the ministry today through prayer, practical help or donating, then please think about whether you could do so. We know there are many in need at this time but we’d be just as pleased however you choose to support. You can join our mailing list, either postal or email or both, so you can keep up to date with all that we are doing to reach out to children and young people.

Join us at where you can choose to sign up to prayer updates, and join us in praying with items from our 24/2 prayer coverage we have had this week at If you are able to donate to support the ongoing ministry, you can do so here:

The Leaders of those first eleven Classes would be so thankful to see the ministry continue!

Jo Slater.

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