Esther Gill

Four Generations Giving Back

6th Feb 2020

“Urban Saints has been part of my life since from before I can even remember. I have been attending the Saturday evening session in St Albans since I was a mini, but that is not where my interaction with Urban Saints began. My grandmother attended Crusader classes herself (partly because her father had been involved with Crusaders) and as a result, my mother attended the sessions and even had the same leader as me! My father also grew up attending Crusaders and both my parents have been leaders for many years. My grandfather (Reg Cox) worked in the local Crusader bookshop for a number of years.

I loved attending the sessions each week from an early age; I had the opportunity to explore the Bible, have fun and meet new friends as well as introducing existing friends to Jesus. At these sessions I saw my faith and love for Jesus grow, and I was able to develop my Bible knowledge with the help of the dedicated Leaders who became incredible role models for me.

“I spent some time over the summer of 2017 volunteering at the Westbrook Residential Centre on the Isle of Wight. During that summer I was able to give back a little of what Urban Saints has given me while also seeing the different ways in which we can spread the gospel.

As I have grown up and am beginning to support myself, I have decided to give some of the money I earn back to God. One way in which I have decided to do this is through regularly supporting the good work of Urban Saints. Through supporting them, they are able to create more resources and set up more Groups, enabling the good news of Jesus to spread throughout the world. Urban Saints has played a big part in my faith journey and I would like to support other young people as they embark upon this journey and discover the good news of Jesus Christ.”

Esther Gill, 22

We’re so thankful to Esther who is choosing to pass on the baton by giving back in this way.

I would also like to support Urban Saints by donating