Young people assembling houses in Mexico as part of an Urban Saints Overseas Adventure

Overseas Adventures can often be the silver bullet

22nd Jan 2020

We all know how powerful residential experiences are for young people in developing their spiritual journey. For me, Overseas Adventures are one of the most powerful. When we think about disciple-making, there is a sense in which you can accomplish more in two weeks overseas than you can in two years of ministry at home.

The nature of being in a new culture, a new environment and with new people broadens our thinking and helps us grow. I believe these Overseas Adventures should be a key part of every young person’s disciple-making journey, a pilgrimage if you will. Young people get to genuinely contribute and help make the world a little better, sometimes by building houses, undertaking food programmes, leading healing on the streets, building jungle gyms, delivering school lessons, putting on sports days, kids clubs and a whole range of other amazing evangelist outreach activities.

For me I’ve always been passionate about mission since I grew up on the mission ship Doulos, travelling off the east coast of South America. Christianity expressed as mission, adventure, justice and finding new friends and family from amongst all God’s people has always been incredibly exciting to me. It’s also meant that I have been permanently convinced of the profound strength mission has had on shaping my life as a Christian. It’s fair to say I am involved today at Urban Saints because of these formative overseas moments; therefore, I am desperate that as many young people as possible get some measure of this experience to inform, inspire and encourage their own Christian walk.

In my experience of personally leading over 200 young people on overseas short-term mission, I have seen a higher proportion go onto some kind of full time Christian ministry than from any other youth disciple-making activity. Overseas Adventures can often be the silver bullet that we should do more of and encourage more young people to join in with.

Urban Saints offers four to five different opportunities to travel overseas every year. Some of our trips focus on building a home or perhaps a community centre in an especially deprived part of Mexico or South Africa. Others are focused much more on outreach and evangelism and are primarily about reaching young local people with the gospel through kids club, games and Bible study. Last time we went on one of these Adventures, our team of 20 young people walked through the township and were soon surrounded by 200 township kids. Within 30 minutes all of them were playing games and studying the book of Daniel as part of our kids club! What a wonderful experience for British young people to know that kids around the world are eager to hear more of the Gospel!

Richard Langmead - CEO

Come overseas with Urban Saints in 2021... We'll be confirming the specific dates for our 2021 Overseas Adventures very soon - including Easter and Summer Adventures to Mexico plus Summer Adventures in South Africa too. If you're interested in bringing a group next year, please visit the website to find out more or make an online enquiry: