Gabbie, enjoying time away with New Year House Party at Urban Saints Westbrook

"My journey through Urban Saints' Camps"

6th Jan 2020

Having time away from ‘normal life’ and going on a residential can really deepen your relationship with Jesus as well as having huge amounts of fun and finding new friends. Gabbie, 18, shares how Urban Saints’ Camps have been instrumental in growing her faith and helping her develop her love of adventure in her choice of what to do next in life. 

“In 18 years I’ve been on 28 Urban Saints’ Camps including 16 summer camps at Westbrook, 5 Sprees as camper and service crew, 4 New Year Houseparties and 3 Shine weekends! At first I went because my parents did (they led on Camps and my dad had become a Christian through Crusaders as a teenager), but then I built up friendships that were really important to me. As I got older I began to notice that when I came home I would have deepened my relationship with God and with my friends, and I wanted to continue that. 

“I’ve experienced having really good mentors through my dorm and team leaders and have benefitted from having older Christians to speak to and learn from. Leading on Camps myself has been fulfilling, seeing young people being positively impacted the way I was. It’s been really great to give back to younger Christians. Being a leader you also develop meaningful relationships and have fun. 

“This September I joined the Rock UK Instructor Training Programme which involves learning to be an instructor as well as discipleship and mission. I chose to do Rock UK because at Spree Central (a partnership with Rock UK at their Frontier Centre) I had been able to work with the instructors and had seen how they formed great relationships with the kids and with each other and was really inspired by them. Without Urban Saints’ Camps I would not have even heard of Rock UK. 

“Camps have encouraged me to be an active Christian and seek God and have helped challenge and grow my faith. It’s all been an incredible experience and I’ve grown as a person and as a Christian through Camps.” 

Gabbie’s mum, Claire, adds: “An absolute highlight for me over the last few years has been seeing Gabbie and a couple of the girls from my dorms over the years becoming service crew and young leaders. Seeing them grow and serve on Camp and knowing I’ve been a small part of that is so exciting.” 

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