Adventures every day at Westbrook

12th Dec 2019

The October half term saw a brand new adventure at Westbrook when we held a ‘Holiday Club in the Woods’, which aimed at giving children and young people a taste of adventure in the outdoors alongside teaching them some bushcraft skills. 

One child came to learn how to look after herself should she ever find herself alone in the wild. Initially trepidatious and unsure, with eyes glued to her feet, she ended up re-delivering our daily adventure syllabus to her parents each evening, confident and competent. Other parents were equally thrilled:

‘My kids have just had the most incredible week learning new skills, making new friends and being in the great outdoors! I would highly recommend this! The staff were fabulous and my girls loved every second! Please do another holiday club soon! Thank you’

‘Our son has told me he has had the best day of his life today, he got so much out of today! He can’t wait to come back.’

Over the last couple of terms we have also hosted children and young people from local schools who have additional needs, and running bushcraft skills with them. It’s wonderful for Westbrook to be able to deliver more adventurous activities this year than ever before and there is every indication is that we’ll do more again next year. The more we drive our adventurous programme within the context of Christ-centred discipleship groups, the more we feel the Lord’s blessing on this work. 

When children and young people have their hearts and identities set in the Lord, they are so much more ready to step out into adventures. My heart tells me that the Lord has need of assured, adventurous young disciples, and that it is from this need that His blessings flow.

If you would like to bring a group to Westbrook where we can provide bushcraft activities and much more, do get in touch.

Urban Saints Westbrook

Urban Saints Westbrook is a residential centre suitable for church, youth and school groups, set in 18 acres of mixed parkland on the beautiful Isle of Wight.


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