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Leaders love Energize

17th Dec 2019

Energize, our web-based discipleship resource, allows leaders to create fun and engaging biblical-based sessions for children and young people. It acts as a spark for a leader’s own creativity and helps them build relationships with young people through encouraging discussions. 

Energize can be relied upon “week in and week out” says Rev. Ben Strain, Assistant Pastor at St Paul’s Ealing. “Sessions are age appropriate, lots of fun and facilitate an encounter with Jesus.”

Sarah Etheridge, from Bangor, loves some of the recent enhancements we made to the site and tells us

A lot of our team have commented on how great the new resources are and the kids are really enjoying them. The messaging is really clear, the prep is minimal and it's fantastic to be able to use the same series across all our age groups at the same time."

Senior leaders across the country have also been impressed by the new version of the site. Energize is a “great tool for discipling young people,” says Zeke Rink, Youth Network Associate Pastor at Vineyard Churches. 

“If you as a leader find this site rewarding,” says Hugh Osgood, Moderator of the Free Churches Group, “then I can guarantee the young people you are trying to inspire will find the output Energize helps you provide even more rewarding.” Leaders love Energize but even more importantly, children and young people love the sessions that their leaders create.

Film-maker and spoken-word artist Meg Cannon sums up the impact of Energize by saying: “Energize is so helpful for us as a team to be guided by a programme which suggests so many brilliant ways to unpack and relevantly communicate the Bible.”

It is so exciting to hear how Energize is helping leaders to love and disciple children and young people for Jesus.

Energize puts you in control of 28,000 Bible based youth work ideas to inspire you and your team. Try Energize free, for 30 days.