Emily Wright standing on a stage at the 11-14s venue at the 2019 Spree Central weekend Camp, with hundreds of young people listening

Spree: Not just life-changing for young people

6th Mar 2020

"Spree is life-changing – and not just for the young people who come along..."

Last summer, when the weather felt a little more uplifting, our Spree weekends were taking place all over the UK. Spree can be a life-changing for young people - whether they experience Christ's love for the first time or as the catalyst to go deeper in their faith. But it also can be a revelation to leaders too, as Emily discovered again this summer...

"This was my third experience of a Spree event run by Urban Saints. I was part of the team leading in the 11-14s venue at Spree Central at the Frontier Centre in Northamptonshire. Every time I have had an equally wonderful but different experience of God moving in the lives of young people.

This year was amazing, with increasing levels of response from the young people with every session. Overall, the best thing was watching everyone worshipping our amazing God on the final night. Many of these young people would have had little or no experience of God before and yet here they were, raising voices together as loud as they could to show God their love for him and their commitment to him. I have never felt more overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit than to see young people worshipping like this and it was totally awe inspiring.

Spree is life-changing – and not just for the young people who come along. It’s a privilege for youth leaders to see these break-through moments and be able to witness the fruit of their time and prayers. Spree is also a great way to build deeper relationships with your group. Spending a whole weekend with your group can build lasting connections with your young people and help them to understand more about you too – something that is so much harder to do with just an hour a week with your group."

The 2020 Spree weekends are booking now - and the places are going fast! We've got six different Spree Camps all over the UK, including the largest Spree ever down in the South West of England and an exciting, brand new weekend in North West of England too...

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