Urban Saints Luton launches

8th Oct 2019

Breaking news... Urban Saints Luton has now launched following several months of leader recruitment and training as well as venue refurbishment. It's so exciting to be able to host a brand new Urban Saints' Group in our Support Centre building, with an enthusiastic bunch of local volunteers making it happen each week...

We asked the Main Group Leader, Ellie, to share her thoughts on the eve of the launch. If you were able to get to one of the Supporter events recently, you may have seen the video already but we wanted to share it much wider than that!

We will return to follow the new Group's progress in the future but if you want to know more about Urban Saints Luton, read on for an earlier article we shared back in June...

Ellie works for Urban Saints as the Compliance Coordinator, but she is also in the process of starting a new Urban Saints Community Group in Luton.

After a tough start in life, I gave my life to Jesus when I was 23, two years ago. Every day it continues to amaze me how much He has restored me in such a small space of time. Because of what He has done for me I now spend most of my time talking about God; I want everyone to have what I have!
I started working for Urban Saints in February 2018. I now am the Compliance Co-ordinator, ensuring that all our volunteers are being safely recruited to work with our young people and helping them to feel supported in all they do. I love Urban Saints’ commitment to discipling young people, as this is what we are called to do! Introducing someone to faith is one thing, but there is not much hope for the world if we aren’t available to disciple those who need it. When we’re in relationship with one another, the world can witness Jesus’ love.
Coming into Christian ministry really opened my eyes to how much young people need Jesus, and it has been exciting thinking about what Urban Saints could do to connect with them. I have a real passion for young people who have not been equipped with the right tools to get them through life. Luton, as with all places, has many young people with little understanding of their own identity or a sense of belonging. When I was introduced to what Urban Saints do, I felt like I could contribute to the vision, and I wanted to launch a Group right where Urban Saints is based.

"What I love most is how willing they are to serve God. They see sacrificing their free time as a pleasure and share the same excitement I do when thinking about the Group we are going to start."

At the moment the volunteers are going through the new Group training. When we meet we have a great time exploring different scenarios and planning ideas on what we think will work to engage the young people. The team feels like family. What I love most is how willing they are to serve God. They see sacrificing their free time as a pleasure and share the same excitement I do when thinking about the Group we are going to start. We recognise the need for Jesus in so many young people’s lives, and we all feel blessed that Urban Saints is enabling us to do that!

When we launch the Group, I want the young people who come along to understand what real love is, not the world’s version. My perception of what I thought a Christian was prior to being a Christian is nothing like it is, and I want to break down those barriers and let young people know they can still be cool and be a Christian and love God. I want them to know that being a Christian is just simply having a relationship with God and it’s not just a set of rules they have to follow. I want them to know there is so much for them in the Kingdom and God can do the impossible with their lives.

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