Scotland News - May

28th May 2019

What's happened this month?

Thank you for prayers for Urban Saints taking part in Galvanize, an equipping day conference on 11th May in Clackmannanshire. Becca led a seminar exploring our work with unchurched young people and it was well attended with positive feedback from youth/church leaders. They especially found an activity where they were placed in a position of attending a church group for the first time, and said it helped them understand how we can be more welcoming to those who would find this unfamiliar.
Plans are underway to continue the conference next year and reach further with the message of encouraging and equipping youth leaders across the region.


This month Lenzie Boys & Lenzie Girls Urban Saints groups are celebrating 50 years since they formed!
Mike Hooper (pictured above), a volunteer for the Boys Group has been involved since the very early days, and many of the group leaders have decades of faithful service under their belts. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all who help and have volunteered in these groups over the years.

The Boys & Girls Groups are joining together for a social to celebrate this wonderful anniversary. We pray for this to be fun-filled but also for the young people to recognise the legacy they are part of.
We visited the Boys this week and witnessed the great work and teaching which continues with a new generation.

COMING UP -  Spree in the Borders

Next month we have Spree in the Borders, our annual fun and action-packed youth & children's Camp!
We are incredibly blessed to have amazing speakers, a great worship band and a fantastic team joining us this year. We'd love prayer for the weekend to be the start of an amazing journey for some young people, and a reminder to keep running the race for those who may have already made a commitment to Christ. 

We would love prayer that the run up to the Camp would be a smooth one, where admin, technology and practicalities would have God's hand over them. Please pray for the Spree Team who will be running things from behind the scenes, as well as those who keep the energy going up front.


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