Pheobe Mills - leader at Reading College Urban Saints Group

"I wanted to be part of it"

8th Apr 2019

Pheobe Mills has just started leading at the new Group at Reading College Urban Saints. She explains why she volunteered for this.


Urban Saints have a heart for seeing young people come to know Jesus and this is what I really loved. Having recently moved to Reading I was wondering how I could be a part of God’s work in the community. When the opportunity came to join a team that went into one of the colleges to set up a Group there, I wanted to be a part of it. 

What I love about Urban Saints is that it provides a place where youth can be included, and everyone is welcome. I love seeing people who might feel excluded from friendships inside the college playing table tennis together and joining in. 

When I was growing up, I appreciated having leaders at my youth club or at church who were not my parents, not my teachers, not my siblings but young adults who encouraged me and led me in my faith. Those leaders changed my life!  They were huge influences just because they saw things differently to how I did when I was younger and cared about me.

Now hopefully I am doing the same for the young people in the Urban Saints’ Group, by showing them kindness, encouragement, and subtly showing them that there’s a God that loves them and cares for them. This has been a wonderful humbling journey for me. It has also been amazing to see the team grow and see how passionate they are! I also found out after I had joined that my Grandad (Sir Peter McLay Mills), who died before I knew him, worked heavily with Crusaders, so it is nice knowing I am following in his footsteps! 

Phoebe Mills
Leader at Reading College Urban Saints

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