The sensory space at Spree Central 2018

Spree to offer sensory spaces

19th Mar 2019

Last year we launched the provision of sensory spaces at two of our Spree events (Central, and West). These sensory spaces, operating all day on the Saturday of Spree, provided a safe haven for children, young people, and even some leaders, who needed somewhere to escape the crowds, heat and noise, whether due to sensory processing difficulties or other additional needs. These sensory spaces provided a range of calming sensory activities such a water beads and gunge buckets, painting, and soft play blocks, alongside some quiet gazebo areas where fidget toys and relaxing lights, sounds, and bubble machines were provided. We had a range of visual, graphic Bibles and other resources for visitors to access too. This was a great success, with feedback received highlighting the difference these spaces made:

“Huge thank you for the sensory room at Spree Central this year.  My son (Autistic, age 7) loved it.  It prevented many meltdowns on Saturday in the sun…”
This year we are returning to Spree Central and Spree West, and are adding Spree South West to the tour with others being discussed. At Spree Central, we will also be running training on the Sunday in how to create a sensory space in your own church or group, as well as running our highly commended ‘All Inclusive?’ training to help all teams create belonging for children and young people with additional needs.

"It’s a 'must' to receive this training!! Really practical and helpful training event." "Really well presented, useful and informative." "I loved that [the event] gave me lots of practical ideas for children’s work at church." 
If your group is coming to one of the Spree’s where sensory spaces are being provided, please encourage any of your group that have additional needs, or who just find Spree a bit overwhelming at times, to come and make use of what is provided there. Our team are trained and experienced in supporting children and young people with a range of additional needs or disabilities and we look forward to welcoming everyone who visits our sensory spaces.
Mark Arnold
Additional Needs Ministry Director, Urban Saints

Just one more great reason to sign up for a fantastic Spree weekend this summer... places are going fast at all Spree venues so don't delay. Check out your options today!


ADDITIONAL NEEDS: Mark can provide training and consultation in a wide variety of settings - not just your local Spree weekend. If you are looking for help to make your Group or church more accessible for young people and families with additional needs, why not find out more about what Mark and his team can provide:

Additional Needs Ministry


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