To receive and to serve

7th Mar 2019

I wonder what we think of when we hear the word Trust?


Something you have a confidence in or a high certainty that something will happen? When we Trust a person, perhaps we have a specific expectation and objectivity about the confidence we place in them, to see something through?

We have probably all had that sense of disappointment when a promise we have trusted in has not materialised, when that trust is broken. So, what is it to be a Trustee and more relevantly, a Trustee of Urban Saints?

I was struck by a comment made by Emily Wright on her fundraising page for the event A Long Walk in the Same Direction, a fundraising event happening in March, she states:

"Urban Saints has been a huge part of my life since I was 13 years old. They gave me a family when I needed one the most and always cared. Without the work of this charity many youth would be lost and would not have some much needed support."

The story of Crusaders / Urban Saints began back in 1900 when Rev Albert Kestin met a group of boys who weren't in Sunday School. From a simple invitation to come and hear the gospel a movement began and continued, inviting young people to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

Here to me are two perfect tensions held together which relate to me and my understanding of the role as a Trustee: to be a recipient and to be a servant.

In some respects, Emily’s comments echo my own experience. From a boy of eight I found a place where I felt I belonged and at 14 through a leader’s talk on a Crusader camp I understood personally what that message of the gospel meant to me.

My own long walk since then with Crusaders and Urban Saints has to me been around a calling to serve, firstly as an assistant leader, then on camps, as a group leader and area co-ordinator and many other things, each role being ‘in season’ to that sense of God’s calling; and always to serve in the task which that great crowd of witnesses cheers us on for and inspires us to do, to hold out the word of life to this generation.

As a Trustee my desire is to ensure that this amazing movement remains true to its calling, to ensure that the trust people place in this organisation today holds firm and in entrusting this to others so that they too can pass on the amazing news of the gospel.

Steve Dengate

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