When I see a group of young people hanging out, I see a youth group that just doesn't have any leaders yet - Wilson Beare (Modern day Albert Kestin)

Love Launching Groups

9th Oct 2018

Urban Saints don't *just* #lovegroups... we're also planting a great number of them too!

We've had an amazing summer at Urban Saints with thousands of young people going on Camps up and down the UK and Ireland. It's been absolutely brilliant to witness young people hearing the Gospel, being discipled and sharing their faith with one another.

These annual experiences are even more effective as part of intentional week-by-week discipleship in local weekly groups. That's why we love groups! The really exciting news right now is that we're going to be planting 7 new Groups in outreach settings across the UK and Ireland. Each of our 7 Impact Team Leaders are raising up local volunteer missionaries who in turn will reach out to young people in their communities. These new Groups offer something different for those who wouldn't consider stepping foot inside a church - an exciting, adventurous Group where young people can ask the big questions of life, hear about Jesus, feel safe and that they belong and enjoy being with their friends.

These Groups are an incredible way to reach the 95% of young people who wouldn't yet engage with local church. They depend on the passion and commitment of their volunteer leaders. Volunteers like you who feel called to long-term relationship with a group of young people. Volunteers like you who can be a constant presence and guide as the young people discover faith and grow in their discipleship. Volunteers who see themselves as missionaries in their communities. These volunteer leaders of missionaries are the bedrock of these new Urban Saints Groups.

Groups like the one that started just last week in Reading College - the leaders are pictured here spreading the word at a recent Freshers Fayre at the college. We've also got new Groups starting soon in Bournemouth, Bangor (Northern Ireland), Edinburgh, Criccieth (North Wales), Lichfield and Manchester, with more to come in the next few months too. These Groups are committed to the long-haul - to journeying with young people for many years because we know that is what truly makes a difference in their lives. The Groups will be supported by our Impact Team Leaders as they identify and recruit volunteers and then, in turn, look to plant even more new Groups.

This is really core to our new strategy and it's a strong start but we want to do even more than this. We'd love to have 12 Impact Team Leaders across the UK and Ireland, raising up even more volunteers to reach yet more young people. There's a desperate need in all our communities for more and more of these kinds of high-quality local missional groups - places between the church and the normal world of a young person.

Please join us in praying for these brand new missional opportunities. Keep an eye out for updates on how all these Groups are getting on - if you've not already, click here to sign up for updates to your inbox or doormat - and we look forward to giving you some more details here in the weeks to come.

Thanks for your support!

If you would like to join us more specifically in prayer for the development of these Groups plus all the other areas of Urban Saints ministry, there are many ways to do so. Click the button below to see the full range of options:

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