A small child sits alone on a bench - additional needs and disability support from Urban Saints

Making groups more accessible

5th Apr 2018

At Urban Saints we love groups that are as accessible as possible for as many children and young people as possible.

Our commitment to supporting those with additional needs and disabilities (and their families) is one way we are helping groups to become more accessible. If your group or church is thinking about how you can better include those with particular additional needs, Urban Saints can help!

Here's three simple ways that you can take steps to make your group or church more accessible:

Join us on Facebook Live

Mark Arnold - the Additional Needs Ministry Director at Urban Saints - will be broadcasting on Facebook Live on Tuesday 19th April from 1:30pm. Mark will continue his series of introductions to various issues raised when looking to make youth and children's work more accessible to all. These short sessions (which are also available on Facebook to watch again afterwards) are a great way to help you start thinking about how you might make changes to your group times.

Attend a training seminar*

(*Or better still why not consider hosting a seminar in a location near you?!) Mark travels all around the UK and Ireland running training sessions and speaking at conferences on the subject of additional needs support and inclusion. If there aren't any suitable dates already planned - see the latest bookings here - you could arrange to host one in your church or another local venue for the benefit of all the youth and children's leaders in your area. If this is the case, Mark would absolutely love to hear from you!

Arrange for a free consultation

If you would like a little more tailored support, you might wish to arrange a free 'All Inclusive:2U' consultation. Mark and his team of volunteers can visit your church or group session and offer tips and insights on how you can be more inclusive to children and young people with additional needs. 'All Inclusive:2U' is a free service and there are team members based around the UK so don't hesitate to get in touch to book your consultation.


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