£1 Mission Club

"Over lock-down, (Urban Saints) was something to look forward to. A bit of encouragement to get through each week. You knew every Thursday night it was happening. It was nice that the Leaders kept the Groups going. (It would have been) easier to stop but they put in so much effort. They preached the Word of God. We really enjoyed it - something nice to have when we were missing out on everything else." - Mandy 


What is the £1 Mission Club?

Urban Saints £1 Mission Club is for everyone who believes in making a lasting difference in the lives of young people.

Perhaps you had a personal experience of a weekly Urban Saints or Crusader Group or Class? Maybe you spent summers enjoying one of our Camps, Holidays or Mission experiences and adventures? You might have been one of the thousands of faithful volunteers who has served the movement over the last century. Even if you are totally new to Urban Saints, yet wish to see more young people come to know Christ and experience his transforming love, your commitment to the £1 Mission Club will bring lasting change to young lives.

The mission of Urban Saints (known as Crusaders from 1906 to 2006) is to make young disciples for Jesus. We walk faithfully with young people week by week, year by year. We introduce them to Jesus and help them build lasting foundations as they walk with Him. During 2020 we have had to adapt and have taken the mission online where we can't meet face-to-face each week. The mission continues and we invite you to join us.

To join Urban Saints £1 Mission Club you give £1 or more a month towards discipling a young person.

As a member of the £1 Mission Club you will receive regular updates and stories of what God is doing in the lives of young people.


Why £1?

When 10 people like you give £1 each month, you can help one young person to be loved in a weekly Group - because there is strength in numbers.

£1 might be a small investment but it's the commitment to give regularly that will turn that small investment into a lasting difference for young people in Urban Saints' Groups.


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...and help reach young people through Urban Saints' weekly Groups and annual Camps.

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