We really love groups.

We believe that weekly, high-quality, Christian youth and children's groups are still the very best way to foster community, encourage growth and develop children and young people into disciples.

We produce Energize, our online resource and training programme, because we want to equip groups across the UK to be as effective as possible in sharing the Gospel. We believe that well resourced and supported groups are the best places for young disciples to explore faith and put it into action. They are still, after all these years, the most powerful tool we have at our disposal.

We #lovegroups!

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Why Urban Saints are so committed to groups

  1. Jesus did it! Jesus' last words were “Go and make disciples...”, then he dropped the mic and flew away. It’s safe to say He wanted to use this moment to leave a lasting impression on us. The Great Commission was not just a command but rather it's what He himself did with his own discipleship group when he was on Earth 2000 years ago. He gathered a group of mainly teens and He loved them, discipled them and then launched them, to change the world together. He sought to find rough diamonds and then went out of his way to bring the very best out of them.
  2. Our founder, Albert Kestin, did it! Youth discipleship is part of the history of Urban Saints. Our DNA lies in the 111-year-old 'Crusader' model of volunteer leaders gathering young people together and discipling them to make a difference for Christ in the world. From the very first chance encounter with a group of lads in a North London park in the 1900s, former missionary Kestin kick-started a model of group discipleship that has continued throughout the history of Urban Saints.
  3. Young people need it! Time and time again it is clear that children and young people are desperate for community, belonging and for real, rather than virtual, adventure - and whether or not they know it, young people crave the purpose and love that only Jesus Christ can fulfil. While young people are searching for this sense of purpose and belonging, we will continue to start and support discipleship groups like this where young people can explore, develop and put faith into practice.

We really, REALLY, #lovegroups!

OUR future is groups

Our vision for 2020 is primarily focused on starting and supporting weekly groups - equipping them with the latest digital resources and training via our Energize platform. We will continue to offer well-run camps and discipleship trips that stretch faith and accelerate discipleship. We will also explore what it means to belong to Urban Saints - to cultivate a sense of welcome, belonging and a shared identity based on a passion for Christ and his mission.

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How Urban Saints support groups

We want to see all youth and children's groups become high quality and operating effectively. Energize provides fantastic resources to help all children and young people discover and explore the Gospel as well as develop and grow their faith. Energize also contains useful training content to ensure that your volunteers are as skilled and confident leaders as possible.

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We want to provide all children and young people with opportunities to spend more time together on annual camps and holidays. These more focused experiences are great for discovering faith for the very first time but also for really digging into what it means to be a young disciple.

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Pilgrimage has always been a part of a Christian's development. We believe every young person deserves the opportunity to take part in an overseas discipleship trip. Urban Saints are committed to facilitating these types of trips and will focus on removing the barriers to participation - whatever the circumstances of your group.


All these projects and resources are designed to help you offer the highest quality, most effective and impacting weekly groups - the best method of introducing young people to Christ and growing them on their discipleship journey.

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