Leaving a Legacy

Your will is the one way you can ensure that the priorities in your life, your family and loved ones are provided for. But it could do more than that!

By deciding to leave a lasting legacy to Urban Saints as part of your will you can help secure and safeguard the ministry of Urban Saints, ensuring that this vital work continues to benefit young people in years to come.

We have a heritage that has stood the test of time through Crusaders and now Urban Saints. Over a century of history, reaching many generations with the message of Jesus. Year after year, generation after generation. Seeking, saving, strengthening and serving the lost. Ensuring that every young person hears the gospel and has an opportunity to choose Jesus as their Saviour. Your legacy will enable us to leave a strong legacy to the future generations of leaders.

To obtain more information on leaving a legacy to Urban Saints simply email us today at email@urbansaints.org