Groups Meeting in Homes

Resources for leadership teams of Urban Saints Groups meeting in private homes


The National Youth Agency (NYA) are currently gathering evidence from a variety of sources (including faith organisations) in order to understand the issues concerning youth and children's groups meeting in private homes. The NYA are due to report back their findings later this year and will be making recommendations about groups meeting in private homes to the wider youth and children's work community. Until the outcome of this process is published Urban Saints are permitting Urban Saints Groups to meet in private homes subject to certain criteria. These are:

  1. Groups must inform the Support Centre if they intend to meet with young people in a private home;
  2. The Main Leaders must download and read the Guidance Notes for Groups meeting in homes (see link below);
  3. The Main Leaders must download and complete the Risk Assessment Form for running Groups in homes (see link below); 
  4. Parents of all young people attending must complete a Supplementary Consent Form (see link below);
  5. The Main Leaders should use the Register produced for Groups meeting in homes in order that the correct data is recorded (see link below).
Links (these will be available by early June)

Guidance Notes for Main Leaders about running Groups in homes:  PDF file

Risk Assessment Form for Groups meeting in homes:   Fillable WORD file     PDF file 

Supplementary Parental Consent Form for Groups meeting in homes:  PDF file

Register for Groups meeting in homes:  Fillable WORD file    PDF file