Group Distinctives

'Distinctives' of Urban Saints’ Groups

Whilst each local Group retains a high degree of flexibility in the way they run so that the leadership team can best meet the needs of their local community, all Urban Saints’ Groups share certain key 'distinctives' which reflect the missional, Christ-centred heart of our movement with its rich culture and values shaped by over a century of highly effective, volunteer-led youth and children’s outreach.

These five 'distinctives' don't define an Urban Saints' Group, but they do reflect some of the ways that a Group will be recognisably part of the Urban Saints community wherever they are in the UK. 

For those interested in starting an Urban Saints' Group in their local community our Impact Team would love to chat with you and unpack these distinctives to show you what an Urban Saints' outreach Group could look like where you live.   

All Urban Saints’ Groups are characterised by the following:


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